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Murali and Rajan P Dev Passes Away

This is becoming a depressing pattern. 2 deaths in the span half months - 2 stalwarts of malayalam cinema are gone, Murali and Rajan.P.Dev. It's quite surprising that both  were born in the month of May

Kavya walks out from her marriage
Kavya who got married to Nischal Chandra on Feb 5, 2009,  and it turned out to be divorce.She is still in a state of shock as she is now back in Cochin with her parents.

Actress Meena Weds
South Indian Actress Meena got married to software teacher Vidyasagar of Bangalore in Tirupati on July 12. She  has acted in   various films including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Lt. Colonel Mohanlal in the Territorial Army
After being conferred as Lt. Colonel in the Territorial Army, Superstar Mohanlal was back.Lt Col Mohanlal will be working with the Kerala based 122 Infantry Battalion of the Territorial Army.
  By Williamsji Irinjalakuda